Find Out - Find Something & Hidden Objects

People who like to search and find different things will appreciate this game. If you want to improve your search skills then try all levels here. The “Find Out - Find Something & Hidden Objects” game has a simple and understandable interface and many locations for players. The next level will be available to you after completing the previous one.

The game has a rather small size and can be installed for different operating systems of your mobile device. Before the start of the game, you will see a simple menu with animated characters that are very funny. Set the appropriate settings (sound, notifications, difficulty level) and start playing.

Game features

  • Different subjects: travel, nature, sea, animals.
  • Nice and simple interface with convenient sections.
  • Not big size of the game to download it.
  • The puzzles will be very impressive (find the necessary item at the scheduled time).
  • Select a game mode to get more exciting emotions and test your attentiveness.

User’s opinion

Most users wrote positive reviews about this game because they liked to test the power of their brains. Some people complained about difficulty levels, but the game has a nice bonus - hints. This type of puzzle is popular with people who want to develop their attentiveness and have a good time playing an intellectual game. Also, some users positively appreciated a nice cartoon graphic that relaxes and gives positive emotions.


If you like to test your mindfulness and improve your brain work, then this game will be a great choice. You will enjoy the design and search for items. Such a puzzle would be exciting and intriguing for you. You will not stop until you find the necessary thing in the quest. You will notice that your result would be better with every new location.