Brain Out – Can you pass it?

Are you sure that your IQ is high and that your thinking is logical and creative? Test your attentiveness, memory, reflexes, logic, and concentration with this wonderful game. There are many tasks where you need to think outside the box – the answer could be much unexpected. If you like such puzzles and find a solution very quickly, then your level of intelligence is high.

Game features

  •  A large selection of interesting tasks with unusual answers (you need to show your creativeness and logical thinking to understand the meaning of the puzzle and give the right answer as quickly as possible).
  • Unusual answers.
  • A simple and humorous game process will appeal to all fans of such tasks for the IQ level.
  • Witty voices and funny sound.
  • A great opportunity to test your intelligence and ability to find answers to the most non-standard and unusual questions.
  • An exciting game for all age categories.

User’s opinion

Almost all reviews of “Brain Out – Can you pass it?” are positive. Users appreciated the graphics, a set of puzzles, and funny sound effects. There are also reviews about the slow launch and advertising, but this is a prerequisite because this game is free. Also, some people appreciated the convenient use of the game not only on the tablet but also on the smartphone. The graphic is good and the game settings are very simple. Many users downloaded this game several times to test their intellectual abilities again.


The game has a large selection of tasks that test your intellectual capabilities. It is very exciting and you will look forward to a new level. Try walking a pig or counting the hair on the head –every task could is comic with funny characters. The settings are very simple but the level of puzzles could not be chosen. At the end of all puzzles, you will find out that your level of intelligence is much higher than you thought before.